Monday, 9 September 2013

Denotations and Connotations


Apple - Stands for the company who make computers, tablets, iPods etc.  It's a well known logo because they make the best phones and tablets, also they were one of the first to make touch screen products. Most young and elderly people probably wouldn't recognise this because they don't use apple products. 

Citroen - This logo stands for the french car company Citroen who are well known mostly to every age and gender except for every young people as they don't tend to take an interest in cars or be very observant when looking at them.  To people who don't recognise the logo, it could also be read as parallel lines.

Male symbol - this symbol maybe isn't as well known as the other two above because it isn't seen in everyday life whereas the others we see on TV a lot.

McDonalds - This is a symbol that is known world wide as they are a multi national fast food chain, we see it on TV, busses etc nearly everyday.

Male and women toilets - We see this sign in most public toilets that we go to so many people who regularly stop at service stations, restaurants etc will know this sign

The Rolling Stones - Lots of people all over the world will know this logo because it was on the '40 Licks' album by the rolling stones who are one of the greatest bands in history.  We see this logo on a lot of things such as magazines and T-shirts

Olympics - This symbol is also known world wide as the Olympics logo, people in Britain will especially know this due to us holding the Olympic games last summer

Union Jack - People all over the world should recognise this flag as it is the British flag and Britain is a very well known place across the world

Star of david - Judaism is one of the most popular religions in the world therefore many people recognise and associate The Star Of David with their faith.  

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