Thursday, 5 September 2013

Institution & Audience


The Internship - 

I went to see this film because i saw adverts that made me laugh and comedy is one of my favorite genres of film, also the story line looked interesting (an internship at google) so i was intrigued to find out what happened
I liked the film because it was very funny and i liked the idea of a modern technological world which was inside this building.  At the start of the film, the interns that the main characters meet are 'workoholics' and never go out or enjoy themselves but in the end the main characters show them that they can have fun aswell as work which i like because i'm someone who can't sit and work without going out every now and then.

Quadrophenia - 

I saw this DVD a couple weeks ago and it is now one of my favorite films, this is because i enjoy films with action and fight scenes E.g. green street, it's about the mods and rockers of the 70's period and a young 'mod' called Jim who stands for what he believes in and wants to be different from everyone else but the drugs and lifestyle eventually caused him to kill himself.  another reason i enjoy this film is because of the track list consisting of mainly The Who (hence it's name quadrophenia) and The Who are one of my favourite bands.

5 Bands - 

Rancid - i enjoy this band because they are punky which is one of my favourite music genre's
The Rolling Stones - I was brought up with this band constantly being played by my dad therefore they're music's played a huge part in my life
Oasis - This band are in my opinion one of the greatest bands of all time not only for their iconic songs but the fact that they brought back rock and roll in the 90's after a music drought
Blur - I really enjoy this band because they are completely different from anything i've ever heard before, they don't take themselves too seriously unlike many bands around today
Kasabian - In my opinion Kasabian are the best band of this generation, they combine rock and roll with dance music to make incredible, new sounds

5 Songs - 

Start me up - The Rolling Stones   This is my favorite song of all time mainly because of the riff and the lyrics which are great to sing along to
Have a nice day - Stereophonics  This song has been in my top 5 songs of all time since i was about 6 because it's one of them songs which make you less sad after you've listened to it than you were before hand
Slide Away - Oasis I really enjoy this song because the guitar just flows and the lyrics fit perfectly with the music
Wraith - Peace This is a new song by a band who i've recently come to love, they're debut album 'in love' has come to be one of my favorite albums of all time
If Ever I stray I like this song because the lyrics are great to sing to live and they mean so much to the artist who wrote them

5 Films -

Green Street - I like this film because it's mainly about the football club I support (West Ham United) also i like films with fight scenes
Quadrophenia - This film is great because i'm interested in the history between mods and rockers in the 70's and it sums up what it was all about in this film
Role Models - This is one of my favourite films because it's extremely funny and the 'fight' scene at the end is brilliant
School of Rock - Music plays a massive part of my life and this film shows that anyone can be in a band no matter what age or their background
No Distance Left To Run - A documentary on the band Blur from their beginning to their end and when they got back together in 2008

5 Books - 

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief - This book is one of the first proper books I read and it forced me to read the next books in the series
Noel Gallagher The Biography - Noel Gallagher is my favourite song  writer and this book tells me all about his life
The Pioneers of West Ham United - I'm a big West Ham fan so i really enjoyed this book because it showed me the history of the club from before i was born
Mr Moon Has Left The Stadium - An auto biography of the announcer at Upton Park
Blink 182 Tales from beneath your mom - Blink are one of my favourite bands so I like to learn about their history and how they started up

5 TV Shows -

Match Of The Day - It's great to wake up to on a sunday morning especially when my team win
Friends - I think this show is the funniest programme on TV
Gillette Soccer Saturday -  It keeps me updated instantly with all the football that happens on a saturday afternoon
SoccerAM - I love watching this on saturday mornings it brings out the funny side of football and often has bands and ex footballers on their who i'm a fan of
The Inbetweeners - Every episode is absolutely brilliant I watch it every time it's being shown on TV

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